Power Matters™

10G Ethernet PHYs

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Design greater bandwidth and feature-rich network equipment with Microsemi's 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) physical layer (PHY) transceiver ICs. Microsemi's 10GE PHY portfolio is highly flexible, covering a broad range of port speeds and interface types.

Microsemi's latest generation 10GE PHYs feature VeriTime™, Microsemi's patent pending timing technology delivering the industry's de facto most accurate IEEE 1588 timing for IP Edge networks

Microsemi's 10GE PHY portfolio includes ICs that enable 256/128-bit AES encryption based on Microsemi's Intellisec™ IEEE 802.1AE MACsec security encryption technology. Intellisec is a flow-based extension to IEEE 802.1AE MACsec, delivering three major unique market advantages:

  1. Tag-in-the-Clear transmission of MACsec-encrypted payload data across non-MACsec aware networks by bypassing encryption of MPLS headers or VLAN tags
  2. No Packet Delay Variation (PDV) impact to IEEE 1588 timing
  3. World's first and currently only FIPS 197-certified GCM-AES 256-bit strength flow-based MACsec, with legacy support for today's GCM-AES 128-bit strength field deployments

Microsemi also offers PLLs for Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) and for IEEE 1588. For more information about IEEE 1588, visit Microsemi's IEEE 1588 Technology page.

Product Number Ports Min Temp
Max Temp
VSC8254 2 -40 °C 110 °C          
VSC8256 4 -40 °C 110 °C                
VSC8257 4 -40 °C 110 °C            
VSC8258 4 -40 °C 110 °C          
VSC8479 1 -40 °C 90 °C1                  
VSC8484 4 -40 °C 105 °C              
VSC8486 1 -40 °C 95 °C2            
VSC8487 1/2 -40 °C 110 °C          
VSC8488 2 -40 °C 110 °C          
VSC8489 1/2 -40 °C 110 °C        
VSC8490 2 -40 °C 110 °C      
VSC8491 1 -40 °C 110 °C      
VSC8492 2 -40 °C 110 °C        
VSC8494 4 -40 °C 110 °C        

1 The VSC8479's maximum operating temperature is 90 °C case.
2 The VSC8486YJB-11's maximum operating temperature is 85 °C case while the VSC8486YSN-04's maximum operating temperature is 95 °C case.