Power Matters™

1G Ethernet PHYs

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Solve your 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet connectivity needs with Microsemi. Microsemi offers a broad range of Gigabit Ethernet (GE) PHYs, including single, quad, and octal devices delivering a combination of low power, low cost, and a high level of integration. Microsemi's latest generation GE PHYs feature VeriTime™, Microsemi's patent pending timing technology delivering the industry's de facto highest accuracy IEEE 1588 timing for IP Edge networks.
The newest GE PHYs also enable 128-/256-bit AES encryption with Microsemi's Intellisec™ IEEE 802.1AE MACsec security encryption technology. This flow-based extension to IEEE 802.1AE MACsec offers three major unique market advantages:

  • Tag-in-the-Clear transmission of MACsec-encrypted payload data across non-MACsec aware networks by bypassing encryption of MPLS headers or VLAN tags
  • No Packet Delay Variation (PDV) impact to IEEE 1588 timing
  • World's first and currently only FIPS 197-certified GCM-AES 256-bit strength flow-based MACsec, with legacy support for today's GCM-AES 128-bit strength field deployments.

Microsemi is the leading supplier of energy saving features for Ethernet switch and router platforms that meet the rising demands of eco-conscious businesses and consumers. The SimpliPHY™ and SynchroPHY™ PHY product families support IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet idle link standards, as well as Microsemi proprietary EEE modes through award-winning technologies such as EcoEthernet™, ActiPHY™ and PerfectReach™. These, combined with other energy-efficient features, such as the ability to control fan speed and LED brightness, result in power reduction of up to 90% when compared to other active 1000BASE-T devices.
Microsemi also offers PLLs for Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) and for IEEE 1588. For more information about IEEE 1588, visit Microsemi's IEEE 1588 Technology page.

Product Number Cu/Fiber Ports Min Temp
Max Temp
VSC8211 1/1 0 °C 100 °C SGMII GMII/MII RGMII      
VSC8221 1/1 0 °C 100 °C SGMII          
VSC8224 4/4 0 °C 100 °C     RGMII      
VSC8244 4/- 0 °C 100 °C     RGMII      
VSC8501 1/- –40 °C 125 °C   GMII/MII RGMII    
VSC8502 2/- –40 °C 125 °C   GMII/MII RGMII    
VSC8504 4/4 –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII/SGMII        
VSC8512 12/4 –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII/SGMII        
VSC8514 4/- –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII        
VSC8522 12/- –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII          
VSC8531 1/- –40 °C 125 °C     RGMII/RMII      
VSC8541 1/- –40 °C 125 °C   GMII/MII RGMII/RMII    
VSC8552 2/2 –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII/SGMII   RGMII    
VSC8562  2/2 –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII/SGMII        ✅
VSC8564 4/4 –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII/SGMII        ✅
VSC8572 2/2 –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII/SGMII   RGMII  
VSC8574 4/4 –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII/SGMII      
VSC8575 4/4 –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII/SGMII      
VSC8582 2/2 –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII/SGMII    
VSC8584 4/4 –40 °C 125 °C QSGMII/SGMII    
VSC8658 8/8 0 °C 90 °C SGMII          
VSC8662 2/2 –40 °C 100 °C SGMII        
VSC8664 4/4 –40 °C 100 °C SGMII