Power Matters™

Fast Ethernet PHYs

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Solve your 10/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet connectivity needs with Microsemi.

Microsemi is the leading supplier of energy saving features for Ethernet switch and router platforms that meet the rising demands of eco-conscious businesses and consumers. The SimpliPHY™ and SynchroPHY™ PHY product families support IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet idle link standards, as well as Microsemi proprietary EEE modes through award-winning technologies such as EcoEthernet™, ActiPHY™ and PerfectReach™. These, combined with other energy-efficient features, such as the ability to control fan speed and LED brightness, result in power reduction of up to 90% when compared to other devices.

Product Number Cu/Fiber Ports Min Temp
Max Temp
VSC8530 1/- –40 °C 125 °C     RGMII/RMII  
VSC8540 1/- –40 °C 125 °C   MII RGMII/RMII