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The LX3301A is designed to process signals generated by inductive sensors which are based upon linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) principles. The LX3301A includes an integrated oscillator/exciter which is designed specifically to drive low inductance PCB-based sensor coils. The LX3301A includes a pair of matched analog channels which process sensor signals as a sine/cosine pair. This results in superior rejection of noise sources both internal and external to the sensor assembly. The LX3301A is ideal for measuring linear, angular/rotation, proximity, and/or displacement in electromechanical systems. In 360-degree rotational applications the device achieves resolution better than 0.5-degree. 

The internal EEPROM allows the user to configure and calibrate the sensor system via the power pin (VIN) and output pin (AOUT or DOUT) thereby allowing calibration at the final sensor assembly level without the need for added I/O pins or dedicated test points. The LX3301A provides six (6) calibration segments which allow the user to linearize the sensor response and/or fit the output response to application specific templates. 

Inductive Sensor System Utilizing LX3301A Sensor Interface IC