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RF VDMOS Power Devices

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The ARF family of RF Power MOSFETs are optimized for applications requiring frequencies as high as 150MHz and operating voltages as high as 400V. Historically, RF Power MOSFETs were limited to applications of 50V or less. This limitation has been removed by combining Microsemi's high voltage MOSFET technology with RF specific die geometries.

Why Higher Voltage? Higher VDD means higher load impedance. For 150W output from a 50V supply, the load impedance is only 8 ohms. At 125V, the load impedance is 50 ohms. The higher impedance allows simpler transformers and combiners. Paralleled devices can still operate into reasonable and convenient impedances. The increased operating voltage also lowers the DC current required for any given power output increasing efficiency and reducing the size, weight, and cost of other system components.

The DRF1200/01/02/03 Hybrids integrate Driver, bypass capacitors, and RF MOSFETs into a single package. Integration maximizes amplifier performance by minimizing transmission line parasitics between the Driver and MOSFET. The DRF1300 or DRF1301 has two independent channels, each containing a Driver and RF MOSFET in a push-pull configuration. The DRF1400A and B are half bridge hybrids with symmetrically orientated leads so that the two can easily be configured into a full bridge converter. All DRF parts feature a proprietary Anti-ring function to eliminate cross conduction in a Bridge or push-pull topologies. All DRF parts can be externally
selected in either an inverting or non-inverting configuration. 

The VRF family of RF MOSFETs are improved replacements for industry standard RF transistors. They provide improved ruggedness by increasing the BVDSS over 30% from the industry standard of 125 volts to 170V minimum. Low-cost flangeless packages are another improvement that shows Microsemi's dedication to optimizing performance, reducing cost and improving reliability. We will continue to offer a greater number of product offerings in the new reduced-cost flangeless packages.