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Silicon Avalance Diodes (Noise Diodes)

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The GC6000 series of RF/Microwave noise generation avalanche diodes represent the state of the art in noise device technology. By carefully controlling junction doping profiles and mesa geometry, these devices provide the broadest, most uniform response available. Outputs are true symmetrical Gaussian white noise with predictable thermal performance.
Chose from dozens of case styles, including glass, ceramic as well as EPSM (enhanced performance surface mount) for commercial pick and place assemble and die form for hybrid systems.
Narrowband and broadband white noise generation for:

P/N VB(V) @IR=1mA CJ(pF) @-6V (Typ) TL(ns) (Typ) Frequency Range ENR (db) min)
GC6001 6-10 0.5 4 0.1-18 25
GC6002 8-14 1.0 7 0.1-12 28
GC6003 12-18 1.5 10 0.18-8 31