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Silicon & GaAs GUNN Diodes, Sensors and Sources

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Microsemi's GaAs GUNN Diodes are fabricated from epitaxial layers grown at Microsemi by the Vapor Phase Epitaxy technique. The layers are processed using proprietary techniques resulting in ultra-low phase noise and 1/f noise.

Anode Heatsink

  • 9.5-25Ghz
  • Pulsed and CW designs to 30mW
  • High reliability, ultra low phase noise, and low 1/f noise
  • Transmitters and receivers, beacons, radars, radiometers, and instrumentation
  • Motion detectors and automotive collision avoidance
  • CW Epi-Up Gunn Diodes
  • Pulsed Epi-Up Gunn Diodes

Cathode Heatsink