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Silicon & GaAs PIN Diodes

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Microsemi has a wide variety of GaAs and Silicon PIN diodes to suit your requirements. From ultra-low Cj, Beam Lead PIN diodes for broadband switching to high power PIN diodes. Designed for low frequency, low intermod switching and attenuation.
For selection tables for High Speed Microwave Switching and for Medium and High Power RF Switching applications, please click on the respective tab.
If you need a more customized solution, please contact us through the Custom Design Services form.


Switching & Attenuation Diodes


PIN Limiter Diodes

  • Available as packaged devices or as chips for hybrid applications
  • Low Loss
  • Low Parasitics
  • Suitable for applications to X band
  • Excellent Flat Leakage Performance
  • Low 1 dB Compression Point
  • RoHS Compliant

PIN Diodes for MRI Applications


Beam Lead PIN Diodes for Broadband


Surface Mount PIN Diodes  

HF-UHF Medium & High Power PIN Diodes


Specialty PIN Diodes  

  • Radiation Detection Diode

PIN Diode Switch Elements & Monolithic Series Shunt Hybrid   

  • SPST PIN Switch Elements
  • Series-shunt PIN Diode SP2T Reflective Switches
  • 40 W CW Power Handling (on state)
  • Through 40GHz
  • High Isolation