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Step-Down Buck Controllers

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Switching regulator with an external switching MosFET, operating in the Buck non-isolated topology, used in DC/DC power supplies. Microsemi offers Buck Controllers with three different Control Modes: Current Control Mode, Voltage Control Mode and Hysteretic Control Mode. Microsemi's Hysteretic Control Mode offers best-in-industry transient response. The article  Voltage-Mode, Current-Mode (and Hysteretic Control) offers more details on the differences between the difference Control Modes. To learn how to estimate Buck Converters efficiency, see  Unraveling Step-Down (Buck) Efficiency.
Microsemi's DC/DC Selection Guide can be found at  DC-DC Product Selection Guide.

P/N Switch Outs Phases LDO Outputs Vin (V) Iout (A) Vout (V) Iq (mA) Ext. Sync Switch Freq. (kHz) Control Mode
LX7302 1 1 No 5-26 30 0.6-2.5 VID 1.8 No 200-1000 Hysteretic COT
LX7309  1  1 No 7-80 30 0.2-80  3 Yes 100-1000 Current