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Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS)

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Microsemi Corporation (MSCC) is a world leader in the design, fabrication, qualification, and supply of Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS). TVS diodes provide critical protection by going into avalanche breakdown within no more than a few nanoseconds after a strike, clamping the transient voltage, and routing its current to the ground.
Applications include military and medical equipment, telecommunications, computers and their peripherals. Microsemi also provides protection to the electronics of engine control systems in the sophisticated avionics and aerospace industries. Between 2,000 and 5,000 Microsemi TVS devices have been deployed, per plane, across all major commercial airframes that are now in use throughout the industry. The company's TVS products are used in various flight-critical applications including flight control systems, multiple engine control units, and actuator controls, as well as a variety of power distribution, environmental control, communications and instrumentation systems.
The company offers a broad portfolio of both uni- and bi-directional discreet plastic TVS devices with power levels from 600W to 130kW. The qualification test plans and reliability monitoring provided for all these products are in line with the best industry standard practices.

Key Features

  • Wide voltage and power range of both unidirectional and bi-directional TVS devices
  • Industry-leading applications support and solutions for DO-160 and special requirements
  • Innovative packaging technology
  • Low capacitance signal protection
  • Controlled die foundries, assembly, and screening locations
  • Extensive electrical test capability and continuous reliability monitoring


Non-Hermetic Packages

Family Rated Standoff Voltage Breakdown Voltage (min) Peak Pulse Power Rating SMD/Axial Packages
MSMB 5.0A - MSMB 170CA 5.0V-170V 6.4V-189V 600W  SMD DO-214AA, DO-215AA
MSMC 5.0A - MSMC 170CA 5.0V-170V 6.4V-189V 1.5kW  SMD DO-214AB, DO-215AB
MSMC LCE6.5A - MSMC LCE170A 6.5V-170V 7.22V-189V 1.5kW  SMD DO-214AB, DO-215AB
MSML 5.0A - MSML 170CA 5.0V-170V 6.4V-189V 3kW  SMD DO-214AB, DO-215AB
PLAD6.5KP 10V-48V 11.1V-189V 6.5kW  SMD mini-PLAD
PLAD7.5KP 10V-48V 11.1V-189V 7.5kW  SMD mini-PLAD
PLAD15KP 7.0V-200V 7.78V-222V 15kW  SMD PLAD
MPLAD18KLP7.0A - MPLAD18KP200CA 7.0V-200V 7.78V-222V 18kW SMD PLAD
PLAD30KP 14V-400V 15.6V-444V 30kW  SMD PLAD
MPLAD36KP14A - MPLAD36KP400CA 4V-400V 15.6V-444V 36kW SMD PLAD
P4KE 5.8V-342V 6.45V-380V 400W  Axial DO-41[DO-204AL]
P6KE 5.8V-171V 6.45V-190V 600W  Axial T-18
M1.5KE6.8A - M1.5KE400CA 5.8V-324V 6.45V-380V 1.5kW  Axial Case 1
LCE 6.5V-170V 7.22V-189V 1.5kW  Axial Case 1
M15KP22A – M15KP280CA 22V-280V 24.4V-311V 15kW  Axial Case 5A [DO-204AR]
RT100KP 40V-400V 44.4V-444V 100kW  Axial Case 5A [DO-204AR]
P5KE 5.0V-170V 6.4V-189V 500W  Axial DO41 [DO-204AL]
SMBJSAC 5.0V-75V 7.60V-83.3V 500W  SMD DO-214AA
RT130KP 275V-295V 300V 130kW  Axial Case 5A [DO-204AR]
RT65KP 48V-75V 53.3V-83.3V 65kW  Axial Case 5A [DO-204AR]
UPT/UPTB 5.0V- 48V 6.0V- 54V 1000W (8/20us) SMD Powermite 1 [DO-216AA]
MUPT/UPTB 5.0V-48V 6.0V -54V 1000W (8/20us) SMD Powermite 1 [DO-216AA]
15KPA17e3 - 15KPA280CAe3 17V- 280V 18.99V- 312.8V 15kW (10/1000us) Axial P600 (R6)
3.3V- 24V 4.0V-26.7V 500W (8/20us) SMD QFN
SMAJ 5.0V- 440V 4.4V- 492V 400W (10/1000us) SMD SMAJ [DO-214AC]
SB508 B
USB508 U
USB504 U
USB504 B
3.3V- 36V 4.0V- 26.7V 300/500W (8/20us) SMD SO8, SO14, SO16, SOT23, SOT143
SAC5.0-SAC50 5V-50V 7.6V-55.5V 500W Axial, SMD DO-41



Hermetic Packages

Family Rated Standoff Voltage VWM Breakdown Voltage VBR (min) C (pF) Type Peak Pulse Power Rating (10/1000μs pulse) SMD/Axial Packages
1N5555-1N5558 30.5V-175V 33V-191V   Unidirectional 1500W Axial DO-13 [DO-202AA]
1N5629 - 1N5665A 5V-171V 6.12V-190V   Unidirectional 1500W Axial DO-13 [DO-202AA]
1N6036 - 1N6072A 5.5V-185V 6.75V-209V   Bidirectional 1500W Axial DO-13 [DO202AA]
1N5610 - 1N5613 30.5-175V 33V-191V   Unidirectional 1500W Axial, SMD G, G SQ-MELF
1N6103A-1N6137A 5.7V-152V 7.13-190V   Bidirectional 500W Axial, SMD B, B SQ-MELF
 1N6138-1N6173  5.2V-152V 6.46V-190V   Bidirectional 1500W  Axial, SMD C, C SQ-MELF 
1N6461-1N6468 5V-51.6V 5.6V-54V   Unidirectional 500W Axial, SMD B, B SQ-MELF
1N6469-1N6476 5V-51.6V 5.6V-54V   Unidirectional 1500W Axial, SMD G, D-5C
 1N8149-1N8182  6.8V-170V  7.79V-190V 4   150W Axial  A
 1N8149US-1N8182US  6.8V-170V 7.79V-190V 4   150W SMD  A SQ-MELF
LC6.5-LC170A 6.5V-170V  7.22V-189V  90-100  Unidirectional 1500W Axial, Axial, SMD, SMD DO-13[DO-202AA], 1, DO-215AB, DO-214AB