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Inductive Sensor Interface

Microsemi’s sensor interface ICs provide the ideal interface between high-reliability and safety-critical automotive position sensor applications. Our unique magnetic field sensors provide accurate position measurements, are immune to stray magnetic fields, and don’t require an external magnetic device. 

Microsemi has been shipping magnetic field sensors since 2010, and has released the LX3301A and LX3302A to meet your highperformance position requirements. 

Microsemi’s magnetic field interface ICs are an exciting technology, and have significant advantages over existing Hall effect and other magnetic sensors. The LX3301A and LX3302A improve angular measurement accuracy, lower noise sensitivity, and reduce system costs. These inductive sensors use a metal object instead of an external magnet as the target device, allowing them to make the biggest improvement in high-temperature and safety-critical applications such as automobile throttle body, transmission gear sensing, electronic power steering, and accelerator pedals.

Noise Immune Precision Magnetic Field Position Sensors
• High-temperature air/water valve position
• Electronic power steering position and torque
• Transmission gear position
• Throttle and brake position
• Active suspension

Target Changes Magnetic Field
• Target made of metal
• Transmission coil generates magnetic field
• Magnetic field will induce eddy currents in target
• This target will change the magnetic field
• Receive coils will sense this change
• 32-bit MCU calculates position


                                                     Sensor PCB Example: 20mm Rotary

                                                     Sensor PCB Example: 10 x 24mm Linear