Power Matters™

RF/Microwave Power Transistor Products

Microsemi RF Power Transistor product portfolio includes Silicon Bipolar Junction Transistors (Si BJTs), Silicon MOSFETs, and Gallium Nitride GaN Transistors for Avionics, Radar, Semiconductor Capital Equipment, Welding, Medical, Communications, Defense and Space Applications.

  • Pulsed & CW products for primary and secondary radars & communications systems
  • Wide band gap technologies allow higher voltage and higher junction temperature operation: more power -less space
  • High Voltage GaN HEMT's on SiC for best thermal dissipation
  • Wide band gap GaN on SiC HEMT (high electr on mobility transistor) & SiC SIT (static induction transistor)semiconductor technologies
  • VHF/UHF/L-Band SiC SIT devices deliver up to 2200W power output under 300us pulse width and 10% duty cycle pulsing
  • GaN on SiC transistor devices deliver gr eater than 700W for L-Band pulsed avionics
  • For pulsed radar GaN on SiC transistor devices deliver greater than 500W at L-Band, 500W at S-Band, & 150W at C-Band