Power Matters™

Smart E-Fuse Devices

Microsemi's SmartE-Fuse Devices are electronic fuses designed to protect power management circuits against voltage spikes and surges along with a wide selection of other value added features. These addition features include fault monitoring via external pins or over an I2C bus, current monitoring outputs for use by ADCs, high speed DC/DC regulators with I2C output voltage control, in addition to control of the currents during startup, hot-plug and crow bar events. These devices complement our high performance DC/DC regulators and controllers for today's commercial and industrial applications.

Key Features

  • Inrush Current control
  • Hot Plug capable
  • Ultra-Fast Voltage Surge protection
  • Bi-directional voltage blocking
  • Over Current protection
  • Current Monitoring of the input currents
  • DC/DC regulators with I2C output voltage control
  • SATA / SAS compliant



  • Hard disk drives (HDD)
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Industrial Applications
  • Enterprise Applications


E-Fuse Devices

LX8204 : 12V, 2A-3.5A E-Fuse 

Samples Available Now

LX8233 : 5V, 2.5A E-Fuse with reverse current blocking and Devsleep/SAS Disable Support.

Production Available Now

LX8237 : 5V and 12V E-Fuse device Dual Regulators, Current monitoring, and I2C control and monitoring

Production Available Now 

  LX8204 LX8233 LX8237
Maximum Input Voltage (V) 25.00 15.00  25, 15
Maximum Output Clamp Voltage (V) 14.20 6.25  14.2, 6.25
Output Current (A) 2.00-3.50 2.50  3.5
Operating (Supply) Voltage (V) 9.50-13.60 4.20-6.00  10.8-13.2, 4.3-5.5
Output Voltage (V) 9.50-13.60 4.20-6.00  9.5-13.6, 4.2-6
Quiescent Current (μA) 150.00 150.00  300








SSD Block Diagram with LX8233 and LX8204


SSD/HDD Block Diagram with LX8237